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why did hitler come to power

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Why Did Hitler Come To Power? World War one finished abruptly on 11th November 1918. The Kaiser of Germany abdicated and fled to Holland in the last week of the war. The German troops were surprised that the war had finished as they felt that they could have won the war. Germany asked for an armistice based on the fourteen point's peace plan proposed by Wilson, the American president at the time. In January 1919 the Paris peace conferences begin. When the Germans heard about the Treaty of Versailles, they felt 'pain and anger'. They felt it was unfair. They had not been allowed to take part in the talks - they had just been told to sign. At first they refused to sign the Treaty. Some Germans wanted to start the war again. The Germans were angry at Clause 231; they said they were not to blame for the war. The soldier sent to sign the Treaty refused to sign it - 'To say such a thing would be a lie,' he said. The Germans stated that they were forced to go to war when Russia mobilised. Germany as a whole was very angry at the treaty and the people that signed the treaty were called the 'November Criminals'. ...read more.


This was not the case. These were all factors not directly involving Hitler which allowed him to come into power. Hitler himself was a powerful man and he used his own techniques to come into power. Hitler projected himself as a saviour to all of Germany's problems. He said that he would be able to create a better Germany which would involve giving more jobs to the German people. This made the nation want to support him as they needed money and he was offering those who wanted him jobs. Something that Hitler was naturally good at was speeches. His speeches appealed and captured the nation. He used this technique that he had to his advantage. He made frequent speeches to different parts of the nation which helped to boost his appeal to all different types of people. The group of people that wanted Hitler in power the most were the Elites. This was because they were scared that communism was going to spread through out Germany making them lose massive amounts financially. Hitler used the hatred for the Jewish race to his advantage. The right wing parties blamed the Jewish people for the treaty of Versailles. Hitler also adopted this idea into his regime. ...read more.


In 1930 Hitler received a more modest twenty five point eight percent of the vote. Hitler travelled to twenty cities in seven days, this was a huge propaganda success as people who had never even seen Hitler voted for him. In 1932 the Nazi's received thirty seven percent of the votes. Hitler was offered the vice chancellorship but he rejected it. In August 1932 Hitler wanted to become chancellor but is refused but Hindenburg, pressure groups then started to write to Hindenburg to persuade him to allow Hitler to become chancellor. Hindenburg gave the condition to Hitler that he would be allowed to become chancellor if Von Papen was vice chancellor and Hitler was only allowed two Nazi members in cabinet, this was meant to be an attempt to control Hitler. The famous quote used when Hitler became chancellor was "we have hired him". I believe that Hitler used various methods to get into power, the method he used best was his propaganda. Hitler was a fortunate man as there were a lot of 'other' incidents which allowed him to take control of Germany. The main problem Germany faced was the economic struggle that was placed upon them after the was and Hitler promised that he would rid Germany of the enemy inside and get rid of poverty as Germany was the greatest nation. ...read more.

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