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Why did Hitler launch the Munich Putsch in 1923 and why did it fail?

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Natalie Barnicott 10a Why did Hitler launch the Munich Putsch in 1923 and why did it fail? By the time the Munich Putsch happened in 1923 Germany had been facing a lot of problems, these had mainly started in 1918 at the end of the first world war. They had lost their leader Kaiser Wihelm 11 and the country had been unstable with both the right and the left wingers wanting to take control of the country, the communists and the facisists just couldn't decide on a leader or a stable government. The country's economical system was in severe doubt and by the time the Munich Putsch occurred in 1923 the country was in Hyperinflation, the cost of a loaf of bread was 201,000,000,000 marks. Most Germans people's savings had become worthless. Middle class people had their savings wiped out and the Upper class people only had very little left. Many working class people had no jobs. The rate of unemployment was getting worse everyday. This was mainly due to the fact that all the men that had been at war had now come back and they needed jobs that just weren't there. This was not helped by the Treaty of Versailles where they made the German army only have 100,000 men, even with the private army the Free Corps, may many men had no jobs to go to. ...read more.


No one but German blood may be a member of the German Nation. This was mainly saying no Jews were allowed in the German Nation. This was especially the people that the Nazis and Hitler blanned for all the problem that was occurring for Germany. This was mainly because many people in the Government were Jewish and the politicians that signed the Treaty of Versailles the November Criminals were Jewish. Hitler and his party didn't have huge political support, their only hope of support came from the south. As I see it this was one of the main reasons why Hitler decided to attack in 1923 there was just no sign of him or his party getting into the government by people voting him in, he just didn't have enough support. So in November 1923 when the country was at it's lowest mainly due to Hyperinflation Hitler decided to attack, his decision was given a great boost when he found out that Stresemann had just given in to the French by ending passive resistance campaign. Hitler was know sure people would back for their pride. He believed that the Nazis were strong enough to overthrow the government. His plan was to march to Bavaria and take control there he would then have a great deal of support so he could march on to Berlin at the head of the Storm Troopers and attack the Government and win. ...read more.


It was unlikely that Hitler would have ever taken control of the whole of Germany as the west had never of heard of him or his party. Another reason why the Putsch didn't succeed was because Hitler lost the vital support of the 3 leaders that had promised their support without this couldn't get anywhere. I think the main reasons why the Putsch didn't succeed was because they just weren't a big enough group, they had very little support many people didn't know who they were let alone their aim. They couldn't get the vital support of the police force or the army without this they had nothing to back them up. When Ludendorff and Hitler went back to help Rohm they marched towards the centre of Munich. But in a narrow street they faced the Police Force who opened fire and killed 16 Nazis. Ludendorff was unhurt but Hitler dislocated his shoulder. Hitler's dream and the Putsch was over. Hitler and Ludendorff were charged with high treason. Hitler got off quite easy he was only sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with the chance of parole after 6 months. Ludendorff got of free. There were some goo points to both the Putsch and the trial afterwards. Hitler became very famous and many many Germans now know about him and his ideas. Hitler had also learned his lesson and decided he would never seize power by force again, and he never did. ...read more.

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