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Why did it take so long for the League to make a decision over Manchuria?

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1. Why did it take so long for the League to make a decision over Manchuria? Manchuria is part of China and Japan wanted to take over it. When China asked league for help, the league couldn't even make a decision quickly. The League had to also find out a lot of information about what had really happened to those two countries and this can also take quite a lot of time. The most important point here why the league took so long time to make a decision over Manchuria was because it was VERY POWERLESS. It's very weak and even if it will make a decision, the Japanese won't agree and it will be for nothing, because the Japanese's power was much powerful than the whole League. And especially when many of the members are only thinking about their self, so they are thinking in the benefit that they'll gain and the amount of lose that they'll gain. Japanese said that China was in such a state of anarchy that they had to invade in self-defence to keep peace in the area and ...read more.


But even he's standing on the league, France and Britain won't do anything against it either, because they are not able to force him to get down from the league's body, they are too weak too. The France seems that he obeys what league says and even making a bow for him and has flower for him while he'll come, which means friendship. The Britain down there trying to find something on the league's face is doing its best. He's trying to look through every single ostium on his skin, just if he can find anything, but nothing. The self-confident Japan is walking through the stage up to the league's body and then is entering the room called 'Geneva', but France has nothing against it. So from this source we can see clearly how weak is the league towards Japan. Source 8: From the source 8 we can see a Japanese standing over amounts of corps of Chinese and Japanese people. His sword is still there holding tightly in his hand, the way how he's standing seems very self-confident and insensibly and also selfish. ...read more.


This is the main reason why the league couldn't successes in many of way. To solve the problem of Manchuria we need power and the strength to be against Japanese. The only possibility to be against Japan is when USA or the USSR will be included in the League, because they are very powerful, but no one of them was in the League. Britain and France didn't want to risk their navies or armies in a war with Japan, because they thought they wouldn't be able to win. And also Britain seemed more interested in keeping up good relationships with Japan than in agreeing to sanctions. There were all sorts of excuses offered for the failure of the League. The League made a decision about the Manchuria that Japan has to return the Manchuria to China, but as the Japanese's power is much greater than the League, so Japanese didn't agree and just did what ever they wanted. The members of the League did want to help China, but they were too frightened that they actually didn't do anything, so the result of the League was actually zero, as same as there's no League at all. ?? ?? ?? ?? History ...read more.

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