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Why did kristallnacht take place?

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Coursework 2. Why did kristallnacht take place? a) Which of these two sources would a historian studying kristallnacht find more useful? Source A is a summary of a journalist's column by another historian. The source tells us about an officer telling goebbles who then tells Hitler about a plan of mass attack, which he and the SA were going to launch against synagogues and Jewish shops. There was no doubt of Hitler's approval "Hitler squealed with delight and slapped his leg with enthusiasm". Goebbles who at the time was out of favour with Hitler was trying to win back his approval. The journalist worked with the Nazis so his article could not be reliable. Source B is a secret report from one nazi to another after the kristallnacht events. The source tells us about the devastation caused and may be warning the others of what to say and expect. This account would have been a secret and therefor he had been saying to another nazi "not to seem organised but neither were they to discourage the events." This essay states that both sources are useful, I would have thought that B was more useful because it's a secret report BUT... the source shows, A is more helpful because its by a fellow historian and although he worked for the nazis, he wrote his account in 1954, 9 years after the war, so that he could not get punished by the nazis. ...read more.


source C in addition source D makes source C accurate too by agreeing with certain information but was posted before kristallnacht's rioting had begun and could be biased towards Jews so this essay shows that source E is more effective to show the information that would agree with source C. d) How similar are the messages of these two cartoons? Source F and source G are very similar in many ways for example; both sources are about kristallnacht; both sources have a nasty looking nazi with clubs and daggers standing over dead bodies of Jews not 'true Germans'. both of the nazis are in uniform and both cartoons show thick grey coloured clouds of dust and dirt and smoke from the destruction and devastation. But there are also some differences in the two cartoons; f was drawn on November the 10th for a Russian paper, G was drawn on 30th of November and was in a British paper; source G makes a reference to German people, F produces a quote "attacking the Jews did me no good my fascist friend this is said by tsar Nicholas (a ghost) who was a Jewish hater in the past. Both of the sources make good, clear references for example: the nazis shown in both sources show that the ordinary German people had been a part of it and the people in uniforms were the nazis and ...read more.


Source E disagrees with the claim because it says "most German people had nothing to do with these riots and burnings and also brings up the SA with axes and hammers again. This was noted 'a civil servant' and the writer ahs no reason to lie. Sources F and G both disagree with the claim because the two men in the cartoons have uniforms on and are either Nazis or the SA. In Source G there is a woman bound up in chains she represents German people and how they couldn't do nothing but watch. Source H also disagrees because Goering is telling the courts that it was Goebbles that called the destruction and that Hitler did not approve of it and again the source says nothing about the German people being involved. Source I agrees in the way that Hitler didn't want to do it and didn't now about it also he says how it ruined some of his deals. It agrees in the way that Hitler says "the people responsible" so he is not saying it was his men or that it was the German people but 'the people' gives the impression that it was them. In my overall view of the evidence given in all of the sources about kristallnacht this essay has come to the conclusion that most of the German public stayed out of the way of the devastation!!! Thankyou x ...read more.

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