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Why Did Kristallnact Take Place?

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Why Did Kristallnact Take Place? A) Source A is a summery by an historian, Fritz Hesse's. The source was wrote in 1954, the fact that the night of the long knives took place on November 7th 1938 does not make this source any more reliable. In this source Hesse speaks of what we know that really happened. This is that the attack was carried out by SS and SA troops out of uniform. Hesse quotes " Hitler squealed with delight and slapped his leg with enthusiasm" this makes me as the reader think that Hesse was an eyewitness but there is nothing to support this. This account was wrote 16 years after the nazi downfall, which meant that because Hitler wasn't about Hesse had the freedom to express his views of what actually did happen. Source B was from a secret report prepared by the Nazi party supreme court. ...read more.


It also makes Kristallnact sound very violent. Although Kristallnact was a very violent act in itself, this just makes it worse because it says that Hitler did it, it was an act of terrorism. "the violence was carried out by SS men and storm troopers not in uniform, they had been provided with hammers, axes and bombs" this was a quote from David Buffman who was an eyewitness. Now this clearly shows that it wasn't a spontaneous wave of anger, it was just an act of terrorism by Hitler's brutal thugs. And even if it was the civilians, ordinary civilians cannot arrest or transport anyone into concentration camps C) Source "C" clearly states that the ordinary German civilian did not like what was going on, " all of the crowds were obviously horrified by the nazi acts". Source "C" says that a reliable source says that SS men and storm troopers carried out the violence. ...read more.


While source G shows the view of the German people, it shows a woman tied up looking over at the German Nazi beating the Jew. There is a shield and a sword on the floor by the woman, this could represent that the German civilians did not like what was going on and they could do nothing about it, however much they wanted to. It is saying that the German people had not freedom of speech. It can also prove that it was nothing to do with the public. In Source B it quotes that there had been anti-jewish demonstrations that the Fuher had nothing to do with. They are blaming it on the German civilians to cover up what was probably going on and this source (G) shows us that the German people had nothing to do with the rioting because they did not like it and they had no right of speech. Also, this cartoon is from the view of the British magazine. Carl Phillips 5/3/07 History Coursework Nazi Germany ...read more.

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