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Why did people vote for Roosevelt in 1932

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Why did people vote for Roosevelt in 1932 There were many reasons why people voted for Roosevelt in 1932. These were to do with the effects of the great depression the unpopularity of Hoover and the appeal and promises of Roosevelt. Firstly an important reason that affected the fact that people voted for Roosevelt was the great depression and the Wall Street crash. The world wide economic slump began in October 1929 with the Wall Street crash and continued through to the 1930s. During 1920S while business in the United States prospered farmers did not. In 1932 and 1924 over in Germany hyperinflation took hold and the country had trouble paying the reparations it had been ordered to pay after world war one. The shortage of cash meant that there was less money to be spent on industrial and farm products. ...read more.


write "Hoover showed little patience with those out of work" this is referring to the attitude of Hoover which were the republican belief of "rugged individualism" Hoovers attempts to deal with the depression were not much better he set up places where the homeless could eat and he gave them soup which was named the Hoover soup he also set up places where the homeless could go and stay and these were called the Hoovervilles. Here is how one person who stayed in this accommodation described it, " The smell was sickening and the flies were thick there were Hundreds of people coming to one of the dumps. Falling on the heap of refuse as soon as the truck had pulled Out digging into it with sticks and hands" So as you can the Hoovervilles was not at all a nice place to go. ...read more.


When Roosevelt was elected he started to bring people out of the depression by giving them jobs like building things and setting up different agencies to deal with different issues. Roosevelt set up the new deal although on election it was not clear what the new deal was, but it turned out to put people out of work by spending money on a variety of schemes such as building dams. Then Roosevelt also mentioned the forgotten man, which was the unemployed, which gave the people their hope and energy back. In conclusion Roosevelt was voted for president because of the wall street crash that led to a poor president who failed to bring the country out of the depression which made the public vote for anyone who could bring them out of the depression which led to the election of president Roosevelt. ...read more.

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