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why did prohibtion fail question B

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C/W Was prohibition bound to fail? 22/06/09 Question b: The two posters identify and exploits FOR prohibition. They both refer to families suffering from their fathers or husbands in the saloon; drinking and washing away the families money on alcohol; which was introduced in 1920 before prohibition. In source c shows us a picture of a man's hands over a bag of "week wages"; also in the picture you can see the slogan saying "The poor man's club"; the saloon is well named for this. ...read more.


In the picture of source c it shows one mans family made poor from the saloons, he is practically comforting on the table with no food, because of his addiction to alcohol; causing these 'slaves' to spend. Source d shows two poor little children looking at the saloon; at the top of the picture it says "daddy's in there" meaning their father is in their wasting possibly their school money; this trying to indicate not to do what they are doing and secure the money for other things e.g. ...read more.


For people who could not afford to drink in speakeasies they turned to 'home-made' alcohol beverages; which often led to alcohol poisoning; and because it was home-made it would be stored in reach of school children. As I have said before the artist shows us he cares about family so realistically he would have been against this. In conclusion, I think that before prohibition was introduced, the artist would have thought of it as a good thing rather than bad. ...read more.

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