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Why did relations between the USA and the USSR change in the peroid from the end of the Second World War to the begginning of the Berlin Blockade?

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Relations changed between the USA and the USSR between 1945-1948, mainly because the USA was capitalist while the USSR was communist, this created a mutual but potentially fatal feud between the two. In may 1945 the victorious allies got on well because they had just defeated Nazi Germany. This was great for the rest of the world because the two most powerful states at the time were on each other's side. However, by 1948 the situation was completely different, the allies were close to war due to the debate of Germany, Berlin, and also the Berlin blockade. Relations between the USA and the USSR had never been good. This can be seen as far back as the agreements at Potsdam. However this was a time of good friendship and mutual agreement. These agreements occurred in the summer of 1945. This meeting was mainly to discuss the future of Germany and Berlin, which was inevitably divided into 4 sectors, one for the USSR, France, Britain and the USA. This also included many other agreements such as the dissolving of the Nazi party and even more dramatic the change of Germany into being a democracy. Also which had stirred the bad relations was that Stalin dictator of the USSR had been slowly but efficiently obtaining small satellite countries thanks to Stalin's Red Army, which were situated on the Eastern side of Europe. ...read more.


Already the Iron Curtain had cut Europe into two, he did want that to go any further. Truman hoped that he might be able to persuade some of the countries in Eastern Europe to break away from communism. Marshall Aid was also intended to help here. While the Truman Doctrine didn't actually mention the Soviet Union, it was obviously that it was intended as a warning to Stalin that Truman was not going to let him get away with any more attempts to increase soviet influence in Europe. Truman had said that he was going to get ' tough with Russia'. Stalin reacted badly by criticising the Truman Doctrine and accusing the USA of trying to dominate the world. Secondly was the Marshall Aid policy, this was an attempt to rebuild Europe after the Second World War, it put the ideas of the Truman Doctrine into affect. In June 1947, president Harry Truman offered grants of American money to all European countries. Truman intended that Marshall Aid would be made available to all countries in Europe but eventually only countries in the West accepted it. The most important point was that Marshall Aid had to be spent in ways that would help develop capitalism. This would have given the USA the opportunity to influence the countries of the East and especially undermine Stalin and communism, which was exactly what Truman had hoped, would happen. ...read more.


One, They created NATO a new security, two, they flew supplies into West Berlin, three, USA made an immediate stand and were going to fight for West Berlin. In total 8,000 tonnes of provisions, every day were flown into West Berlin which was twice the amount needed. A total of 277,264 flights were completed, until it eventually ended in the September of 1949. The Long-term consequences of the Berlin Blockade were that after the whole conflict as it were, the allies decided to create the Federal Republic Of Germany (FDR). The Capital city was Bonn. This country was often now known as West Germany. The Soviet sector was renamed by Moscow. It was called, the German Demoractic Republic (DDR). Its Capital city was Berlin. It was often called East Germany. It can be said that relations between the USA and the USSR changed in the period from the end of the Second World War to the beginning of the Berlin Blockade because of many different factors. There was a huge threat of nuclear war near to the end of The Cold War but it thank god did not result to that. Though on the other hand in this day and age they are very close to being permanent friends for a very long time, yet even after all that had occurred between the end of the Second World War to the beginning of the Berlin Blockade. BY JAMES WOODS ...read more.

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