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Why Did Roosevelt introduce the New Deal?

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Why did Roosevelt introduce the New Deal? In 1929 there was a problem in America due to the Wall Street crash, the Wall Street crash was caused by panic of shares at the stock market and people loosing confidence in banks. 13 million people were left unemployed and the Wall Street crash led to the Great Depression. Hoover was weak and his republic government refused to change their ideas on how to help the situation in America. Roosevelt was elected president due to Hoovers lack of popularity. Roosevelt was a fighter, he also had polio which he fought and his illness gave him sympathy. The New Deal was introduced because of the great depression and Hoovers weakness. ...read more.


Hoovers failures made the New Deal necessary. President Hoover was a republican and the Republican Party believed that the government should stay out of business matters. At the time of the Wall Street crash Hoover believed all people have to do is wait and only use the emergency relief and reconstruction act later on. His efforts were descried as 'too little too late' he also encouraged states to set up public work schemes but these Hoover did not really believe in these and the programmes were not big enough. He also put taxes on imports but other countries retaliated and this made things worse. All these things failed to solve economic problems and something had to be done. ...read more.


He was doing this job when the depression began and was very active in helping his state. He set up temporary relief administration; he used public money to create unemployment. From the moment he became president, Roosevelt launched a programme that gave the government a central role in coping with the depression. Even when faced with opposition from the Supreme Court in 1935, Roosevelt kept going with his policies. He used fireside charts over the radio to communicate with the people and tell them his aims in a simple way. In conclusion Roosevelt introduced the New Deal because of the problems facing America such as the Wall Street Crash and its consequences, the failure of Hoovers schemes and the fact that the republican party believed they should stay out of business matters, and Roosevelt's own personal achievements such as fighting his illness and this giving his sympathy with the ordinary people. ...read more.

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