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Why did so many Germans think that the Versailles Treaty was unfair ?

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Benjamin Lindner 12ILY 31.01.2004 Why did so many Germans think that the Versailles Treaty was unfair ??? In fact the Versailles Treaty was unfair and it is totally justified that the Germans said it was unfair. The losers Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy lost lots and lots of land industry and military force to protect themselves . Germany had to give up Alsace Lorraine, the Saar, the left bank of the Rhine, Poland and Danzig. At all Germany lost more than 70 000 km� land and the colonies got Britain France and Japan who had enormous empires. Austria Hungary lost Czechoslovakia and Austria Hungary were spitted to two new independent states which was not necessary and just an act of rage and fear because Austria Hungary was too destroyed to fight a new war. ...read more.


East-Prussia was cut of from the rest of Germany. Danzig was made a free city which confused the inhabitants. Romania, Greece and Denmark which were not involved in the war received all land from the defeated countries for no plausible reason. In conclusion in view on the countries was the treaty not well reasoned and unfair for the Germans. It was impossible for the winners to divide the land fairly. The military ideas of the treaty were better reasoned and not that bad but still badly done. Germany just was allowed to have an army up to 100 000 men and this is not enough to protect such a big country like Germany in case of war. It also had to melt down all his weapons to scrap metal, this was one of the better ideas in this treaty because this material could be used for the industry. ...read more.


An irrefutable evidence for a failed treaty was the confession(article 231) of Germany that they had to accept the total blame for the whole first world war, that Germany were not allowed to take part in the treaty and the absolutely not justified amount of reparations. The winners were allowed to take all properties of Germany which was not anymore Germany. Germany was defeated for decades with the huge value of reparations, which was just not fair. In conclusion the criticism of Germany to the Versailles Treaty was totally justified because it was unfair. The losers were totally blamed and not able to protect themselves without an justified army. The colonies were absolutely helpless because they were just albatrosse of the winners. This treaty was an act of rage and unfairness for the German people, it was good for one thing, to show how hard policy can fail. ...read more.

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