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Why did the British government decide to evacuate children from Britain's major cities at the start of World War 2?

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Why did the British government decide to evacuate children from Britain's major cities at the start of World War 2? In Spain, 1937 the German air force obliterated the whole city of Gernica in less than 4 hours "The Condor Legion attacked in daylight and flew as low as 600 feet as it had no reason to fear any form of defence from the city"1. It was attacked because it was a key city in the Spanish civil war. Hitler let his air force be used so he could try it out, to see what destruction could do. Over 1500 people were killed and almost three quarters of the city was destroyed. This scared the government as it showed what would happen to Britain the impending war with Germany. They were scared because of the huge death toll and knew that it wouldn't be easy to avoid. The reason that that was possible was that there had been a huge leap in development in plane technology since ww1 from only being able to go 60 miles an hour to over 200 miles per hour in 1939 for fighter planes and over 100 miles per hour for bombers. ...read more.


and all the way to Australia. People were even evacuated to mainland Britain from the Channel Islands because it was the only target which the Germans wouldn't have that much of a fight to capture as there was only 1 army regiment on the islands at the time There were three waves of evacuation. The first of these was in September 1939 at the start of the war when Poland was invaded. Most of these people from this evacuation came back to there homes by the summer of 1940 this time is called the phoney war as Germany did nothing to Britain during this time. But this is when Dunkirk happened and the second wave of evacuation began. A lot of the kids from this wave of evacuation were back at their houses around spring 1943 and in this time there was the battle of Britain and the blitz. There was another wave of evacuation in 1944 when the v1 and v2 rockets were launched at the south east of Britain but only the south east was evacuated as the rockets couldn't go any further. ...read more.


It was all part of the government propaganda where they had to be seen to be doing things for the cause. They had put antitank devises on the railways so that if Germany got in to England they couldn't just stream up the railway and capture London. This way it made the people feel safer and made them think that they could avoid the Germans capturing any of main land Britain. They didn't want England to fall to the Germans like the Channel Islands did which was the only part of the British Isles captured by the Germans. So in conclusion the British government evacuated children from major cities during world war II because the planes had been improved and were capable of doing huge damage to cities as show in Gernica and if children had been in danger areas not only would there parents be worried about them so there for not concentrating on working for the government but in the incoming blitz second generation of British people would have been lost after nearly all the 17-25 year olds were lost in world war I 1 http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/guernica.htm ...read more.

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