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Why did the British government make use of propaganda during world war one?

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Why did the British government make use of propaganda during world war one? During the First World War propaganda was used to encourage the British public to think and act in a certain way. In particular the government attempted to gain support for the war and also increase recruitment to the army. They also aimed to raise the morale and keep spirits high on the home front finally; propaganda was used to create a hated of the enemy. ...read more.


way they would do this is displaying stories in newspapers which made German people look bad and British people want to hate them. They also displayed things that were not true or used censorship to show Britain is wining the war when they wasn't People who joined the war later found that out and may have wanted to leave but were not allowed to If they tried to run away they would be shot. If a man didn't join the army a woman would class him as a coward and men cared a lot about their reputation. ...read more.


They jus had to stay strong and hope for the best. Britain made posters to make every one dislike Germans they told lies about them to make British men want to join up for the army and kill Germans The propaganda was important because it was one of the main things that helped Britain win the war. It made people want to join the war. The posters and newspapers were really effective because a lot of people believe everything they read. It made most people very patriotic for their country that they just had to join to feel like they were doing their bit. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

The author writes a very promising introduction and it is clear that they understand the key reasons for the use of propaganda but unfortunately, only the first point is fully explained and supported by evidence. Later paragraphs lack detail. 3 stars.

Marked by teacher Natalya Luck 06/10/2012

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