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Why Did The Career Of Cardinal Wolsey Give Rise To So Many Interpretations?

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Why Did The Career Of Cardinal Wolsey Give Rise To So Many Interpretations? Cardinal Wolseys' career with Henry VIII spanned from 1512 to 1529 and became the second most powerful man in England. Different interpretations are made on his career by different historians because: He had many different positions, Henry let him do all of the day to day work and the fact he served the Pope as well as the king. Thomas Wolsey had lots of positions all over England, mainly they were positions within the clergy, not only was he Chief Minister but also Dean of Lincoln, Archbishop of York, Cardinal, legatus a latere, leading counsellor and Lord Chancellor. Having so much power and being so high in the Kings favour it was natural that Wolsey would make enemies but the ways he made sure that kept hold of a gained more power meant that he made more enemies than a public servant should. ...read more.


rewards because when it came to the invalidity of henrys' marriage to Catherine he would need a cardinal and what better one than his right hand man who did whatever Henry wanted so that he didn't fall out of favour. Henry VIII was seen as an absent landlord during his early rein because he would prefer leisure and activities than the day-to-day running of the country and government. Wolsey picked up the work for Henry but did he do it to help out the king, to make his life easier or to help himself rise in power and wealth? We know that the king had to agree with everything that Wolsey did (although sometimes that was not the case) and approve it so Wolsey could only help himself to an extent but the size of his wealth and court at Hampton and other palaces would suggest otherwise. ...read more.


Not that this helped him when he could not get the annulment from the Pope and he lost all the positions that Henry had given him. This shows that at the end of it all Henry was the true leader out of the two of them no matter how much power and wealth Wolsey had accumulated Henry still had the power to take it all away. Wolseys career can be easily interpreted in lots of ways because many people saw the many different sides to his career and because of the many things that he did while in power, some for the benefit of others and some just to help himself rise up through the ranks. Different people saw Wolseys career and personality from different points of view. Also being so close to the king and all the things he had done it is natural that Wolseys' career is examined closely which would lead to various interpretations. Hannah Gordon - 12WJEM ...read more.

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