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Why did the confederate states loose the civil war?

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Maya Amlani Why did the confederate states loose the civil war? 1865 marked the end of the American Civil War. It lasted four years and the eventual outcome proved the North to be the more successful. The confederate states lost the war DUE TO several reasons. These CONSITED OF such reasons as the lack of resources, the political influence of Jefferson Davis and pay, food and desertion rates. The lack of resources in the South was a major disadvantage. The North had always been the more prosperous concentrating on manufacturing and industry. The South relied on agriculture. In numbers the South also had less fighting men, railroad tracks, food, iron and a lower banking capital. The North started with 4.5 million fighting men and the South with 1 million and the sides therefore were not evenly matched. The North had 21,679 railroads whereas the South had just 8947. ...read more.


The Southern residents were heavily taxed to pay for the war. The confederacy borrowed money and resorted to printing paper money which caused hyper inflation. The South was unable to trade with their primary product, cotton. Britain started importing cotton from Egypt which greatly impacted the South's economy. To worsen the South's already fatal financial problem the destruction and blockages of ports started. The lack of food in the South caused the soldiers to scavenging. This affected their stamina, capacity to fight and ability to cope with the physical strain of being in battle. All this led to high desertion rates in the South. 1/7 men left against the 1/10 in the North. An important reason the North ended victorious was the leadership of Abraham Lincoln compared to Jefferson Davis. Lincoln was the elected president so already had the support of the White House behind him. ...read more.


Soldiers were accustomed to taking orders and operating a hierarchy. In the North this idea was challenged and held them back. Each individual soldier had a strong sense of morale and loyalty, as they knew they were fighting to protect their way of life. Most of the fighting took place in the South which could be viewed as an advantage or disadvantage. It was beneficial because they were fighting in familiar territory. Transport of goods was easier but much of the land was ruined and crops destroyed. Overall, even though the South started well and won many battles I think defeat was inevitable purely because of the lack of resources and poor leadership. The Southern generals were exceptional however poor guidance from Davis left the South in chaos compared to the organisation of the North under the leadership of Lincoln. However a shorter war may have resulted in a different outcome as the South would not have been so drastically low on resources and the military leaders may have been able to lead them to victory. ...read more.

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