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Why did the desegregation of schools become a major problem in the USA in the 1950's?

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Colin Eagle - History Coursework - Centre No. 57311 - Balcarras CIVIL RIGHTS IN THE USA IN THE 1950'S AND 1960'S COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT Why did the desegregation of schools become a major problem in the USA in the 1950's? Ever since segregation affected the education system children were 'separate but equal', this meant they were segregated. By 1954, 20 states had legally enforced segregated schools, this did no favours to the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) and they challenged the right of the local school boards and took them to the Supreme Court. Their case was successful and Chief Justice, Earl Warren proclaimed that to separate Negro children from others of the same background is not right and the 'separate but equal' policy deserves no place. The Supreme Court also stated that segregation made blacks feel inferior and the separate facilities were not equal. As a result of this court ruling it deemed segregation illegal and it also signalled the end of segregation in schools and the beginning of desegregation, this was the bringing together of whites and blacks. ...read more.


On one occasion in the town of Little Rock of Arkansas conflicting interests between State and Federal resulted in troops being brought in. In that area they had decided to integrate schools gradually, but 9 Negroes were denied the access to their Central High School because group of whites had gathered to bar the way. Then Arkansas took action with there Governor of Arkansas, Faubus demanding state troops to go in and make sure the Negroes couldn't get in to the school as they claimed it would be impossible to keep law and order if Negroes were allowed into the school. Despite Faubus being Governor of Arkansas he still had a narrow minded attitude which contributed to desegregation becoming such a problem in the 1950's. However the Little Rock Negroes were ordered home, as a result Little Rock Negroes took Faubus to court, this then ended up with Faubus being ordered to remove the troops. ...read more.


It was thrown at them with no pre warning. Now with there white children going to school as a result of integration the only way whites could put it off was for them to fight against it. This ended up being another contribution to desegregation in schools becoming a major problem. In conclusion all these problems combined amounted to such a major problem in American society; unfortunately this sparked the other two problems. Without the long term feelings of whites desegregation could have been accepted, people wouldn't have tried to stop Negroes from entering school, and it wouldn't have been a problem how quickly or slowly integration in schools was introduced. If whites hadn't have been so narrow minded and stuck in their ways they could have accepted the law passed by the Supreme Court with no arguments. Without the long-term attitudes whites had towards black's desegregation in schools I think would not have become such a major problem in the 1950's. ...read more.

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