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Why did the desegregation of schools become a major problem in the USA in the 1950s

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Challenging segregation During 1865 slavery was abolished in the USA meaning black people were granted a life of freedom and equality in contrast to being sold as slaves. Another right they were given was the ability to work and get paid for their labour however as time past white people became envious of this new found freedom especially in the southern states. Ethnic tensions were high in the southern states. White people resisted integration and this became official in the Plessey vs. Ferguson case where the Supreme Court voted that they would live separately. Separate but equal the Supreme Court ruled. As segregation continued blacks tried to challenge it. One of the first cases to be brought to light was the Lloyd Gaines Vs Missouri University. Gaines who disappeared in 1939 was the central figure in one of the most important cases in civil rights. During the year 1936 he applied for Missouri University to study law yet in April the university denied him admission due to his colour. ...read more.


Desegregation began directly after this and the situation began to intensify. The NAACP constructed a plan to enrol 75 African-American students in to Little Rock Central High in Arkansas which brought international attention to the blight of African-Americans. When the 75 students from the NAACP registered 50 of them were rejected while 16 opted out in fear of their lives after watching hostile white Americans shout abuse. As the school opened on its first day the 9 students had to survive the first task; getting in to school while avoiding an unbelievably violent and hostile crowd. Not only did they try to attack the students but they shouted abusive language that was offensive and racist. Mr Orval Faubus the governor of Arkansas ordered guards to block the entrance path preventing the students from entering on the grounds that desegregation wasn't safe. After being pressured and due to the media attention little rock was receiving the president Mr Eisenhower stepped in declaring a meeting with Forbus to discuss the matter at hand. ...read more.


During civil rights African-Americans enjoyed prosperous success in the court room through justified and non violent protest. I also believe that publicity of each case worked in favour of the African-American community as America tried to keep its actions under wrap. White Americans in the south were aware that desegregation will raise African-Americans awareness of their rights and injustices carried against them during the harsh years of slavery. After the propaganda spread by racist groups mainly in the south White Americans felt insecure about integrating with African-American. The insecurity of whites delayed the enactment of desegregation laws in USA proved to be wrong and later on many of those who opposed the desegregation acknowledged the benefits reaped from the state. Finally I think it was a great fight for blacks and their following generation will always remember this for years to come, how they transformed from slaves to Full Americans. This entire struggle proves that diversity works better for societies in contrast to racist beliefs. America today proves that blacks had a positive influence in a highly successful yet colourful community. ...read more.

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