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Why did the desegregation of schools become a major problem in the USA in the 1950s?

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Why did the desegregation of schools become a major problem in the USA in the 1950s? Segregation was always one of the layers of "the economically rising" America. It was the despicable separation of black and white people. This way of life really contradicted the "all men are created equal with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", commitment which is contained in the US declaration of Independence. However in the 1950s, segregation stepped over its boundaries with the Brown Vs Board of Education case. This crucial legal case reached the Supreme Court in 1954. Linda Brown, in an appeal brought by her father tried to attend a local white school instead of going to an all black school nearly a mile away. Efforts to obtain legal authority for her to go to her local school were not successful. During this period of time, America also had a global issue to deal with called the Cold War, which was against the USSR. ...read more.


Governors like Faubas and Tallmadge were one of the reasons for the desegregation of schools becoming a major problem because they deliberately tried to make things difficult, not only for black people but also for the Supreme Court who had removed the idea of segregation from the constitution. Before the idea of desegregation, America was stampeded with horrific white supremacists such as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). Treating black people in the deadliest ways possible were their joy, which led to black people (in particular students), feeling frightened and beaten. It explains their reluctance to fight further for equality e.g. Fear of entering the Little Rock School. However, the Little Rock School incident was a success but schools decided to create a long-term policy - tracking and selection tests which were continued many years after. In my opinion, Faubas was definitely a white supremacist just like the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) ...read more.


In conclusion, the reason for desegregation being such a major problem is due to the fact of people undermining the federal law, even those involved in the political world. The main battle was between the Supreme Court and the governors who were disappointed by the decision made by the constitution and attempted to prevent desegregation from happening but were disappointed again by the outcome. America had always had a problem with their superior country turning into a "salad bowl". The contrast in colors would have made it difficult to turn it into a "melting pot" which they would have preferred. Looking through religious views, white Americans made themselves look like animals messing around with Gods creations. Internationally, the 1950s were an embarrassment for white Americans but for black people, it was an experience of pain and traumatic events leading to a victorious battle. The desegregation did take a long period of time to be accepted but was eventually so successful that it started off the civil rights movement for people like Martin Luther King who had believed in gaining desegregation throughout all America! By Mayanthie Wijesuriya 11E ...read more.

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