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why did the english civil war break

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There were lots of reasons to why the English Civil war broke out. Charles 1's was a big concern, this was probably it probably started. The position of the monarchy had started to refuse under the reign of James 1. James 1 was a strong believer in the divine rights of God which is a message by God that no man need question his authority of the king. James thought that the parliament would do what he says, and he did not expect to argue with any decisions. The parliament had one most important advantage of James. The parliament had lots of money but James did not. Parliament and James argued over custom duties. ...read more.


He had seemed to broken relationship with his father and the parliament. He could not believe that a king could be incorrect. From 1625-1629, Charles had seemed to always argue with the issue of the parliament, religion and the money were the key points that he would argue about. In 1629, Charles copied his father by refusing the parliament to meet like his father also did. When the mp's arrived at Westminster, they had found themselves locked outside with great big padlock on the outside and chains. They were locked outside for eleven years and this was called the eleven years tyranny. In 1635, Charles raised taxes, he also ordered the people that they had to pay ship money. ...read more.


After a trial Strafford was executed in 1641. In 1642 Charles went in to parliament with 300 soldiers to arrest his five biggest critics. Someone close to the parliament had already gone out of the parliament and had already escaped from to the safety of the city of London, where they could put out of sight from the king. Charles had revealed his proper side of him. Charles attempted to arrest five mp because they dared to criticize him. Charles had already known that thing began to brake up between him and the parliament Six days after he tried to arrest the mp, Charles departure from London to oxford to set up an army to fight the parliament for the power and control of England. A civil war had started. Supporters of the monarchy, the king, Parliament, country did not want it. ...read more.

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