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Why did the Germans vote for Hitler and the Nazi party?

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Why did the Germans vote for Hitler and the Nazi party? In this essay I will be talking about why the Germans voted for Hitler in the Nazi party. The Treaty of Versailles that helped Hitler's rise to power was the 'War Guilt'. This helped Hitler because many Germans resented this clause and he could use this to his advantage by protesting Germany's innocence to the masses at Nazi. Germany had to pay �660 Million for the war and when Germany couldn't pay the instalments led to the French taking over the region of Germany which in turn led the government ordering a strike. ...read more.


Young people were hit badly because over half of all the Germans between the ages of 16-30 were unemployed. New university graduates could not get a job because of the depression. Farmers had to plough by hand because they could not afford a horse. Prices had been falling since 1925. In 1930s farmers slipped further into debt. 40% of factory workers were unemployed by 1932. For the unemployed this was time of extreme poverty. Many people started to think of voting for Hitler. In 1928 one year before the depression the Nazis only had 13 people which was nothing. 1930 one year after depression there were the 3rd more powerful. ...read more.


The Nazis used images and phrases to manipulate ideas into people's head so people can start voting. They trained their local groups in propaganda skills and their national leaders were masters of propaganda. They stirred thing up and caused violence at election meetings. Promise to vote was something for everybody the employers were promised restored profits. Organisation had been soldiers in the First World War they were very well organised they brought to party work the same obedience organisation and teamwork skills. I this essay I had to explain why the Germans vote for Hitler and the Nazi part and I think that Hitler should not been voted even if the depression came and people should got control and should maintain the depression instead of getting a killer who kills the Jews. By Intisar Mohamed 9.R ...read more.

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