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Why did the League fail to stop the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria?

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´╗┐Why did the league fail to stop the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria? In September 1931 Japan decided to invade Manchuria for space and resources. China had asked the league for help against the invasion. The league failed to help the Chinese and prevent the Japanese invasion because of various reasons. Most importantly reason was the time they took after they received the distress call from China. Other reasons such as the fact that the league did not have an army contributed to the decisions and also because they could not put economic sanctions due to USA not being part of the league. These factors allowed the Japanese Army to easily take over Manchuria with little resistance. Firstly, in 1931 when the league got the plea for help from China the league decided that something needed to be done to help them. Due to lack of an army and not having US support the league took a long 9 months of discussion to send Lord Lytton with a Commission of Inquiry. ...read more.


Furthermore, due to the Wall Street crash all of the European countries were suffering and because of this there was no collective attempt to raise an army because of the costs and the self-interests of the countries to recover themselves. Moreover, Economic sanctions were useless because the USA, Japan's main trading partner, was not a member of the league. This led the league to take a very long time to make their decision and this allowed the Japanese ample time to accomplish conquering Manchuria. This contributed a lot in the league failure to help the Chinese. Finally, the league had very little options and they were not sure if the Japanese were trying to restore peace in Manchuria or retaliating and telling the truth against the Chinese and the Mukden Incident. The league could not apple military actions due to the costs and they could not apply economic sanctions because USA was not part of the league and Japan did not trade with Europe. ...read more.


Due to this there was little retaliation as the invasion was potentially quite good. This led to the league failing to stop the Japanese as they were selfish and uncertain. In conclusion the league of nation failed to help Manchuria because of one main reason and other factors which contributed to it. The main reason was the fact that the league took too long take a decisive action against the distress call from China. However, this decision was lengthened significantly due to the league not having an army because it costs too much as it meant the league had to look for other options. Also USA and USSR were not part of the league and this was bad as they were world powers and they could influence Japan. In addition, the absence of USA meant that the league could not enforce economic sanctions either. And finally the league believed the invasion would be somewhat beneficial as it would provide a block against communist aggression. These factors meant that the league failed to stop Japan with their invasion of Manchuria. ...read more.

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