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Why did The League of Nations fail in the Manchurian Crisis?

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´╗┐Why did the League fail in the Manchurian crisis? Manchuria a Chinese province, China was a weak country. There had been chaos between the Chinese warlords for control since the death of the last Chinese Emperor in 1911. Japan was a strong country. It had taken over Korea in 1910 and wanted more power. In September 1931 Japan invaded Manchuria, Japan had a railway running through Manchuria, which brought raw goods to China and raw goods back to Japan. Why invade? Japans trade had slumped (USA was its main trading partner) and China had stopped trading. Japan?s industry was near to collapse and it needed essential raw materials. ...read more.


The Leagues first step was to follow the rules and told Japan to take their troops out of Manchuria. Japan turned a blind eye. Lord Lytton set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate what happened. Lytton?s report (a year to come to be finished) stated that Japan had acted aggressively and should withdraw troops from Manchuria. In March 1933 Japan left the League. 1937 Japan invaded China. This made the League look powerless and the influence Japan set might have caused future problems. What did the League do next? The League imposed Economic Sanctions on Japan. But Japan continued to trade with USA. Could other countries impose sanctions? ...read more.


Only the USA and the USSR would have had the resources to remove the Japanese from Manchuria. But they weren?t even members of the League. In the end the League did nothing else and unsurprisingly Japan kept control of Manchuria and invaded further into China. The people who expected the League to keep peace began to despair as this matter had greatly weakened the League. This crisis had shown just how incapable the League really was and of course the League realized this and had to justify it actions. Excuses were made, Japan was too far away; Japan had a point when it claimed that China was in anarchy and that they were unable to keep peace in the area (the self defense argument). Future problems. The Japanese influenced Hitler and Mussolini. Could this have been the development of WW2? Amelia Harte ...read more.

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