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Why did the Liberal Government take up the cause of Home Rule in the years 1911-1912?

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Why did the Liberal Government take up the cause of Home Rule in the years 1911-1912? One of the reasons was because Home Rule had been a traditional nineteenth century Liberal policy since Gladstone had tried to introduce Home Rule in 1886 and 1893 unsuccessfully. Liberal policy in 1900 was to maintain the union of Britain and Ireland through diversity, peaceful devolution of a degree of power to satisfy Nationalist demands was proposed. For many Liberals Home Rule was ultimately seen as right and necessary. The Irish Nationalist party led by John Redmond played an influential role in trying to get the Liberals to introduce Home Rule. ...read more.


John Redmond stated that British rule had been a "history of famine, of misery, of insurrection, of depopulation". Asquith was also concerned that if he delayed Home Rule it might push the Irish towards more extreme demands and methods. One of the most important reasons for why the Liberals took up the cause of Home Rule was because Lloyd George's Budget of 1909, the two general elections of 1910 and the Parliament Bill of 1911 all required the support of the Irish Nationalist party. A condition of their support was that Home Rule must be introduced and that the powers of the House of Lords must be curbed. ...read more.


Canada and Australia had also been granted self-government therefore it was argued that Ireland also deserved Home Rule. In Ireland there was a growing sense of distinct Irish and Nationalist identity and that Ireland was a distinct and separate nation with its own Gaelic language and also with the establishment of organisations such as Sinn Fein in 1905 reinforced this feeling. It was also felt that Irish domestic issues should be decided in Dublin rather than hundreds of miles away in Westminster. The major reasons for the Liberals taking up the cause of Home Rule were that it had been a traditional nineteenth century Liberal policy. The Liberals required the Irish Nationalist support to form a government, to acquire this they promised Home Rule. Home RuleSSS ...read more.

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