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Why did the Nazis treatment of the Jews change from 1939 45?

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The holocaust GCSE Coursework Q2. 'Why did the Nazi's treatment of the Jews change from 1939 - 45?' In my answer for question two I will tell you how the treatment of the Jews changed from 1939-1945. From 1939-45 conditions for the Jews got hugely worse than it already was. In 1939 Germany invaded Poland. All Jews had to wear the Star of David on them. 100 000 Jews were taken to labour camps and killed by random acts of violence. The polish Jews had to live in different parts of towns called ghettos where there were loads of diseases. Living conditions for the Polish Jews were really bad. Jews trying to escape the country were now out of luck because a new law came in where Jews were not aloud to leave countries that were ruled by the Nazi's. ...read more.


In 1944 remaining Jews were told to walk to Germany, many thousands dieing on the way. The last gassings took place and then the gas chambers were destroyed to hide the evidence. In 1945 an order was given to destroy all files dealing with anti-Jewish activities. Later on this year the soviet, British and American armies fought their way to Berlin and saved all the remaining surviving Jews from the camps. Hitler knew he had lost his war and he committed suicide on April the 30th. On the 8th of May Germany surrendered. The Nazi's had been defeated. Six million Jews and 200, 000 gypsies had been murdered. The population of Jews had decreased heavily. I believe there were reasons for why the treatment of the Jews changed and became much more harsh and severe. ...read more.


He did that when he successfully invaded Poland. Hitler made a speech saying 'Today I will once more be a prophet if the international Jewish financers in and outside Europe should success in plunging the nations once more into a world war then the result will be... the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe. This means he wants to invade all the other European countries and kill all the Jews. Hitler couldn't kill all the Jews in the first five years of his rein as leader, firstly because he used that time to mark out all the Jewish people with the Star of David. Another reason is he couldn't just walk into all the other European countries straight away, he used the five years to start world wars by invading countries. After he successfully invaded countries like Poland he was able to use concentration and death camps to kill all the Jews. This is why I think Hitler changed the way he treated Jews after 1939-45. ...read more.

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