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Why did the Nazis' Treatment of Jews change from

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Coursework question 2 Why did the Nazis' Treatment of Jews change from 1939-45? The Nazis' treatment of the Jews between 1939 and 1945 changed noticeably for the worse. Prior to 1939 the Jews suffered occasional outbreaks of violence such as Crystal Night. Crystal Night was when Nazis went to and destroyed Jewish synagogues, homes and businesses. From 1939 onwards the persecution of the Jews greatly increased. One of the reasons that Hitler increased his persecution of the Jews was because he was in a stronger position in 1939 than in 1933 as his power was secure and he was in full control of the country. Hitler also became more confident after taking over Czechoslovakia because he realised that France and Great Britain weren't doing anything to stop him. ...read more.


He had to come up with new ideas as he couldn't carry on sending Jews to other countries. So the Nazis decided to gather Jews into ghettoes. They were built in other countries and the largest ghetto was in Warsaw where 500,000 died. Walls were built to stop them escaping and the Nazis only fed them starvation rations. Thousands of Jews died from starvation, the bitter cold or the disease typhus. In 1941, Hitler decided on mass killing of the Jews. Hitler kept this secret from everyone apart from his top Nazis to make sure no one he didn't trust from knowing about it. He also kept it a secret to stop Jews and other countries from hearing about it, if they did hear the Jews would have probably left Germany and the other countries would have stopped the final solution from happening. ...read more.


Not only was the killing of the Jews what Hitler wanted to happen but it was also relatively easy for the Nazis to keep it secret from other countries. Hitler found it relatively easy for the Nazis to keep it a secret because of the war time emergency and everyone involved was concentrating on the war so even if Britain and France did find out they would not be able to stop him. Himmler was in charge of all the extermination camps and the Gestapo. Historians have argued about Hitler always meaning to kill the Jews. Some historian's say Hitler always meant to kill the Jews and Hitler wrote his ideas in his book called "Mein Kampf" historians say that his ideas led directly to the genocide. Other Historians say he just meant to expel them from Germany. ...read more.

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