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Why did the normans win the battle of hastings?

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WHY DID THE NORMANS WIN THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS? In the year 1066, the battle of Hastings took place. During the year, Edward the confessor died and left no heir to the throne. William, duke of Normandy and Harold Goodwinson fought to become king. In the end, Harald Hardrada, were very angry that they were not chosen. Many think the Normans won, because William was a skilful and ambitious man, and he knew that he wanted to be king of England. He knew that he would eventually become king and he would rule over England. ...read more.


But to make it even harder, Harald Hardraada and Tostig (another man who wanted to be king), and teamed up and were waiting in the south to fight with Harold - the king. Being put in this position, Harold's spies told him that William was waiting for in the North. Harold chose to go south to Stamford Bridge to meet Harald Hardraada and Tostig. Harold choosing to go south to Stamford Bridge, the journey made Harold's troops very tired and they would find it very difficult to fight. ...read more.


William, having time to prepare his troops, he arranged them carefully and used tactics, to keep his men skilful in the battle. Harold being lucky for once was at the top of the hill, of where he was fighting with William. In the middle of the battle against William, Harold was killed. The English were weak without a leader, and so William became king. William won the battle because he was fresher, and was a more skilful king than Harold. One of the reasons William won the battle of Hastings, was that he had a lot more time to prepare his troops tactics, unlike Harold, who had a lot of bad luck, having to fight two people during nine days. ...read more.

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