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Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy

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Why did the Renaissance take place in Italy? The Renaissance was a name given to a European period of history which lasted between 1400-1650. Renaissance means 'rebirth' in French. The reason that this period was called this was because the ideas of the Greeks and Romans were reborn. People rediscovered important things such as architecture, art, maths and science (astronomy and medicine). With these ideas the people of Italy improved their cities, cultures and their lifestyles. My aim of this essay is to find out why the Renaissance started in Italy. The Remains of the Roman Empire was an important factor in starting the Renaissance, this was because the people of Italy were constantly surrounded by ideas everywhere they went. There were many great ideas in Roman sculptures, art and architecture which were just waiting to inspire people. During the Renaissance these were used frequently for ideas and they inspired citizens of Italy to create new designs based on what they saw. ...read more.


In 1378 the Catholic Church was undermined by the election of two popes. This led to all sorts of confusion and by the time the real Pope was given his title, everything had gone haywire. People had stopped believing and the Church had lost some of its power. This gave people freedom to do what they wanted, this led to new possibilities and new ideas. During the 15th century the Church began to change some of its views, this allowed people to experiment with new ideas like Leonardo da Vinci did with anatomy. Money contributed to the Renaissance because banks were developed in Florence. This was because the banking family, the Medicis were the most powerful family in Florence just as The Doge was the ruling family of Venice. The money that came into Italy from banking was spent on making each city state more beautiful, architects were paid to come to construct beautiful buildings and artists were paid to come and paint those beautiful buildings. ...read more.


This drew all sorts of people like artists to the city states to come and offer their services. This only made the city states even more beautiful and impressive. War assisted the Renaissance because France invaded Italy making warfare much more serious. Before France attacked Italy the city states used to fight with each other to gain items of trade or knowledge. The city states hired mercenaries to fight their wars for them but in the 15th century each city state hired engineers and other people to give them the equipment they need for fighting. In conclusion all these points play a significant part on why the Renaissance took place in Italy. Italy had all the things needed for a revival and the people of Italy took initiative and used what they had. This created the Renaissance and without it we may still have been living like people in the Middle Ages. The Renaissance is a very important period of history in which many things changed. ...read more.

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