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Why did the status and position of the Jews in Germany worsen in the years 1933 to 1945?

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Why did the status and position of the Jews in Germany worsen in the years 1933 to 1945? The dates 1933 to 1945 were the worst time for Jews in Germany as this was the time that Adolf Hitler came into power. Hitler's postion in Germany lead to the prosecution of millions and eventually lead to the death of roughly 6 millions of Jews. The mass murders did not start straight away when Hitler came into power, though he bought in anti Semitic laws from the start. First though people need to understand why people voted for Hitler and why he was so popular and got away with all he did. Germany was in a state. Unemployment levels were rising everyday and people didn't have the money to have a decent life. They didn't have the means to survive. Hitler promised jobs and so many other things. So when Hitler was established in power there were several events. First was the boycott of Jewish businesses on April 1st 1933. SA members stood out side Jewish Businesses and held placards saying things like "members of the German community should not buy Jewish goods". ...read more.


In 1936 Germany hosted the Olympics. Since Hitler did not want a bad reputation for Germany Internationally so the Restrictions for Jews were relaxed. Many Jews took the opportunity to flee Germany and by 1939 about 250,000 Jews had left Germany. Also in 1936 Jews were banned from professional jobs such as Doctors or Lawyers. In August 1938 all Jewish Men had to have Israel in their name and Jewish Women had to have Sarah in their name. In September 1938 only Aryan Doctors were allowed to treat Aryan patients. From the 5th of October all Jews had a red J on their passports. On November 7th 1928 a Polish Jew walked into the German Embassy and killed an official called Ernst von Rath. This gave Josef Goebbels the opportunity to organise a pogrom. From the 9th to the 10th Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were assaulted. The pogrom became known as Kristallnacht. People in Germany were disgusted by what happened and Hitler covered it up by saying that it was a spontaneous out burst by the German people and that the Jews provoked people into doing it. ...read more.


By 1942 Death camps were being built in Poland to murder every Jew the Nazis could find. In 1941 when German forces failed to beat the Soviet Union and America joined there was a list formed. This was a list of all the Jews that were in Europe. It totalled to more than 11 million Jews and Hitler wanted to kill every last one of them. This was Hitler's "Final Solution". More than 11 million people died in the Holocaust and 6 Million of them were Jewish. Many were killed in Death camps such as Auschwitz. They were told that they were going to have a shower and instead they were gassed. People who were selected for slave labour were stripped of their identity and their clothes. The status of Jews changed dramatically in twelve years and people often ask why did no one ever stand up for the Jews and the answer is they did. They just aren't heard about as much as the evil things that happened. Also people were scared anyone who stood up for a Jew was killed. As to why it happened no one can answer that for that information is inside the mind of a handful of people who had power and used it for evil. ...read more.

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