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Why did the USA and USSR become rivals between 1949-1954

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Why did the USA and the USSR become rivals between 1954-1949? After the Second World War there was a lot of tension between the USA and USSR. This was because during the earlier part of the war they had been fighting against each other and it was only when Germany invaded the USSR, and broke the Nazi-Soviet pact, that Stalin joined the Allies. This caused a lot of mistrust because it made the allies realise there was no loyalty from Stalin to them. He only joined the allies because he had no choice and had to fight alongside them in order to defeat the Nazi enemy, which caused a lot of mistrust between the soviets and the allies (most of all the USA) and increased the tension. ...read more.


This meant he wanted to prevent the spread of communism. He tried to do this by introducing the Truman doctrine, which gave money, equipment and advice to any country which was under threat from a communist takeover. This policy was known as containment. After the Truman doctrine was introduced the Marshall plan was put into action. This was put into practice because Truman believed that communism was only turned to by people when faced with poverty and hardship so he sent General George Marshall to asses the economic state of Europe. He found that Europe was a ruined economy. He proposed that Europe needed $17 billion to get rebuild itself. ...read more.


While capitalist USA had extreme poverty as well as extreme wealth, the Soviet Union had no extremes, everybody lived in a very modest environment and got paid the same wages. I think the most important reason they became rivals was because they were natural rivals because of their radical differences in ideology and because they were the last two real superpowers left after the Second World War so they were competing to become more powerful than the other. They both wanted to prevent Germany from starting another war but they went very different ways about it. Stalin wanted to crush Germany so it wouldn't be able to rise and attack them again, but Truman thought that this may be a repeat of the treaty of Versailles so wanted to help Germany recover and make it a valuable trading partner. Luke Simpson ...read more.

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