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Why did the Weimar Republic face problems in the early years of its existence?

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HISTORY *Why did the Weimar Republic face problems in the early years of its existence? The Weimar Republic face problems first because the Weimar constitution had weaknesses. After the war every one blame the government for signed it. * The article 48 gave the president the power to make laws with out asking the Reichstag. It was very dangerous because who decide what is an emergency!! * Prussia had the largest number of people representing them in the upper house of the Reichstag. Allowed Prussia to dominate other states, the Prussians could vote the other states (due to the proportional representation) not one political party ever had a majority and all government in Germany were a co-alitrion mad up off of different political parties. ...read more.


When you lose the confidence in the government, money is a problem. And this is what happened, people start loosing the confidence in the government because they were on hunger, the people didn't earn enough for a living, the prices of goods went up faster than the wages, works style of living dropped, many people in Germany faced starvation. The middle classes found that their savings in the bank were worthless and they felt betrayed by the Weimar government. In 1923 The Weimar Republic was in danger of collapse because of these. The people start to fall down and began to lose faith in them. ...read more.


This began to spread and other Germans stopped working out of sympathy, the economy of Germany was very unstable. Gustay Stresaman made a very important decision thanks to Article 48 and became a chancellor. He told workers that they must go back to work and that the strike most end. He introduced a new currency Retenmark. He said he would start reparations again. Germans couldn't accept that. He resigned in November 1923 and went to be a very successful foreign minister. What he did stabilised German currency and Germany once they started reparation payments, French and Belgians soldiers with new and the Weimar Republic survived. In 1929 the reparations were re-negotiated and less harsh. I made my point and prove with facts and evidence that the Weimar Republic faced problems in the early years of its existence. ANE ALFEIRAN 10Y ...read more.

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