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Why did the Weimar Republic fail and Hitler gain power in 1933?

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Why did the Weimar Republic fail and Hitler gain power in 1933? After the failure to win World War I, Germany was faced with a new government, the German people hoped that this government would set Germany on its way to recovery in terms of economically and as a country. The new government was set up in a small town outside Berlin; this is where the government took its name from. The Weimar republic was formed in 1918. The government only lasted 14 years, until it failed and the Nazi party took charge in 1933. I am going to examine why the government failed and consequently how Hitler gained power. A variety of reasons led to the failure of the Weimar Government. One of the reasons which led to its demise was the Wall Street Crash in October 1929. Although this event took place in New York, and primarily affected America, the economic depression which followed took it toll on the rest of the world, in particular Germany. ...read more.


Between 1929 and 1932, production in Germany was almost halved, and unemployment levels rose to 6 million from 1 million in the summer of 1928. Germany was already struggling to cope with its economic difficulties, but the government lived in fear of a recurrence of 1923, so was afraid to spend extra money incase it led toe inflation. The production levels had dropped considerably so Germany could not export as many goods as before, as first they had to consider there own people. The economic depression led to the increase in support for the extremist parties such as the communists and the Nazi party. Figures show that in 1928, the Nazi party gained under 2 million votes in the Reichstag elections but in 1932 they gained 14 million. The Nazi party was founded in 1919, as the DAP, in 1920 they changed there name to the NSDAP, leading them to become known as the Nazis. ...read more.


When Von Papen was voted chancellor he tried to appease the Nazis so lifted the ban. After the depression and the problems of the Weimar Republic, people saw the Nazis as giving them a better chance. The Nazis use of Propaganda was overwhelming. In all the propaganda, they showed how wonderful the country would be if the Nazi party was in charge, and how much their lives would improve. In conclusion I believe that the Nazi party were able to take power in Germany due the amount of failures which the Weimar Republic had, they had come to power when the country was at its lowest after the defeat in the war, but the government had not lifted the country's sprits and when the Nazi's came along, the German public saw this as an opportunity to be a strong nation once again. I think that the Nazis came along when the Germans were most vulnerable, which is why they were able to take power. ...read more.

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