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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888? This essay will talk about what the Whitechapel murders were, and it will investigate why the Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention. The Whitechapel murders were all carried out by the so called 'Jack the Ripper' serial killer, he is now know as one of the first serial killers. The killer's real identity is still unknown and the name given is just an alias or a pseudonym. All these murders took place between 30/08/1888 and 9/11/1888. Most of the victims were prostitutes and most of them were heavy drinkers. Their names were Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Jane Kelly. All the murders took place in the east end of Whitechapel, London in 1888. The Murders were very bloody, ruthless and cunningly carried out. ...read more.


These women were also one of the poorest in society at that time. The case attracted attention because people didn't want to talk about prostitution and the murders at that time in Victorian society, some people saw this as rude. This meant that people didn't want to think or sympathise with the prostitutes. People didn't want to think or sympathise with poor people in the first place anyway. There was a huge division between rich people and poor people and both lived very different lives. The people feared for their safety and not the prostitutes'. The press had an immense role in spreading the words of the murders. The press knew that this story would sell a lot of their papers and so followed the coverage of the story from murder to murder. They kept the whole story spinning so that everyone was following it and it kept everyone on their toes. They sensationalised the story to grab attention. ...read more.


In conclusion the most important reason for the Whitechapel murders attracting so much attention would be the press coverage mainly because they were the ones to spread about the word of murder. There is a link between the press coverage and the nature of the crime. If the press hadn't described the nature of the crime in their papers and sensationalised their stories then not a lot of people would have known about the murders. This is because London was a divided city and most of the murders took place at night and the only ones to witness the bodies were the Police and one lodge house keeper. If the papers hadn't followed every murder and not published rewards this case would not have been given that much attention. This is probably the first known serial killer but this is only due to the press. If he wasn't made famous by the press no one would know him. Word Count: 764 ?? ?? ?? ?? Benjamin Waraich 11AS History Coursework -Jack The Ripper Q2 ...read more.

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