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Why did the Whitechapel Murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Why did the Whitechapel Murders attract so much attention in 1888? Why did the Whitechapel Murders attract so much attention in 1888? There are many reasons for this however, one of the reasons were that the murders committed within Whitechapel. But you would ask why this location would attract so much attention. Because of its reputation, Whitechapel was known for its infamy. It was a place of great evil. One man even said it was an 'Apocalypse of evil'. Not only was this location a place for harboring bad things but it was a place of great famine. Mel-nourished children were everywhere but hardly was there a nourished child in sights. However not only were the children starved of food they had mental and physical disorders which was common in most cases of children below the age of five. Outsiders viewed Whitechapel pretty much in the same way as it was. Some middleclass reporters went into the location and thought of it as 'a shocking place' a 'den of evil'. Whitechapel's public image however was built on the unemployed. It was stated by the M.E.T that there resided at that current time in Whitechapel 1,200 prostitutes using the money they got from it as there main source of income. This estimation did not include the numbers of women using prostitution to supplement there source's of income. In my opinion Whitechapel brought more attention to the case because of its bad nature. ...read more.


After the second murder the case was overwhelmingly growing into an outrageous incurable disease. Hundreds of letters sent to the press where all believe to be fakes however, debating whether they were really sent by 'Jack the Ripper' was irrelevant. The fact was the letters done their job by attracting huge attention on to the case. Not only were the letters bringing about the attention but the murders were forming into some kind of a pattern of only praying on certain people i.e. prostitutes. The third victim was Elizabeth Stride and the murder was committed on September 30 between 12: 36 and 12: 56. The body was discovered by Louis Diemschutz in Dutfield Yard off Berner Street. Once he saw the body he called for a police officer. Constable Henry Lamb called for a doctor then examined the body himself briefly. He noticed the skirt was not raised and there was no sign of struggle to him. After this Dr Fedrerick Blackwell arrived at about 1: 16 am. He writ on his report that there was only an incision to her neck and nothing else however the incision appeared to cut the wind pipe completely in two. The doctor assumed the murderer fled and there fore did not get to make his usual wounds in the body because he was disturbed. This idea was formulated because later on that day another murder took place only thirty minutes after. ...read more.


The nature of the victims may have been the biggest factor which affected the publicity coming in. This I believe in my opinion because if you analyse all murders and check for similarities they have some things in common like prostitution, alcoholism and there ages of being in their forties. These similarities show that the 'Ripper' must have been selective in his killings. When the M.E.T found out about this it may of intensified the investigation, and as a result of this greater public attention was drawn to it. How the murders were publicised was also an important factor. After the first two murders publicity became a very big thing. People were sending in many letters most of which were fakes except the 'Dear Boss' letter which came apparent when 'Jack' got to his final murders. As a result of the fake letters being sent to the newspapers it was realised what was going on by all people. This case was so publicised it appeared to people in U.S.A and Canada. Every time a murder took place the police would release some information to the press and they would bombard the streets with news on it. In conclusion I believe that the nature of the crimes and victims, the location and press coverage all combine together to amass an enormous amount of public attention. Why? Because all these factors link together to make a case of great mystery where the murderer was never caught. All of these factors demonstrate how powerful they were in publicising the case as even today we still hear of this mysterey. ...read more.

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