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Why did the Whitechapel Murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Why did the Whitechapel Murders attract so much attention in 1888? During the 18th century serial murders were unheard of. The Whitechapel ripper was one of the first known serial killers in the whole. Communication was so basic in those times but news of Jack The Ripper spread world-wide. The fact that the police never caught the murderer further caused the media to panic and hype up stories. This created a frenzy in the media and some stories were exaggerated beyond truth. This made people buy the newspaper and any one who was slightly suspicious was accused of being the Ripper. The victims were all prostitutes and completely random, this further attracted attention. Whitechapel was mainly a poverty stricken area in the East End of London. The streets were filthy and covered in excrement and blood. There were many alleyways and back roads in the town. This made it easy for vagrants and criminals to operate their criminal activities. The population of the East End in 1888 was about 900,000. However a police estimate of the number of prostitutes in the area was 1,200. ...read more.


Kelly was also the youngest victim. After this murders experts said that no medical knowledge was used and that the murder was not even that of a butcher. The natures of the murders were so horrific and unheard of, that even greater public attention was attracted. Men had used prostitutes but because they were such an easy target the Ripper took advantage of the vulnerability and most probably raped them before disfiguring their bodies. Murders in those days would have been done by stabbing or choking but these were even more severe and brutal. All of them were short except the last one, and all had their throats slit. The fact that a serial killer on the loose had made everyone frightened and people wanted him caught. The media used this fear to sell more newspapers and therefore make more money. The victims were all prostitutes and had history of alcoholism and severe depression. They were all single or divorced and had been on the wrong side of the law on several accounts and had even been convicted of drunkenness and disorderly behaviour. ...read more.


The letters forced people to take extra care and vigilante groups were patrolling out on the street at night in an effort to do what the police couldn't. Whitechapel's already bad reputation was a no go for visitors who were terrified of going there even in daylight All the victims were easy targets and extremely defenceless. This along with the way that their bodies were ripped apart by this maniac who was never caught by police force, who already had a bad reputation, combined with an excited press and the location of the bodies, to attract great public attention. Also the victims were random and all of their throats were slit by a cannibal who suddenly stopped after one of the most horrific homicidal murders in history. This gave the ripper a legend status as he was never caught although one man was hanged, the murders still continued and Jack the Ripper is as famous as he was in the 19th century as he is now. Nilesh Thanki GCSE HISTORY COURSEWORK 1 ...read more.

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