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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Question 2 Jack the ripper Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888? During the 18th century serial murders were unheard of and in Whitechapel there was jack the ripper who was one of the first known serial killers in the world. Whitechapel was a cosmopolitan area which had a dense population there were many people living there from Jews to poles these people lived here because of the low rent and few questions were asked. The people that mostly lived in Whitechapel were the poor and there were many prostitutes on estimate around 1200 at the time and there may have been many others these prostitutes were just making a living on a day to day basis. Altogether 900000 people lived in the east end. The murders had attracted so much attention because something like this had never happened and with hundreds of prostitutes on the streets it soon became clear with all the letters that jack the ripper was only going to kill prostitutes and this raised publicity ...read more.


Jacks next victim was Mary Ann Nichols she had several deep cuts to the abdomen and her face was cut from ear to ear. Another body had been found this one was Annie Chapman. John Davis who had found the body in his backyard had seen that the woman's skirts had been lifted this s linked with the other murder of Nichols. The knife that had been believed to have been used was a long 6 to 8 inches long knife which surgeons had used for amputations this is where the clue may have come or the idea that Jack was a surgeon. The murders were very dirty as Annie Chapman's small intestines lay on the floor beside her. Quickly they had found out Annie Chapman was a prostitute and that on the 8th September she had been turned out from her lodgings at 2AM and at 6AM which was the time she was found by Davis this meant that she was murdered between the hours of 2-6 on the 8th. ...read more.


The breasts were cut off the tissues of the neck were slashed until bone. Her heart had been cut out but was not found. I think that because of the severity of these killings was a reason as to why there was a lot of media hype. Like from the fact that there were two killings in a row at first and then the media started talking about there's a killer on the loose and then the severity of the victims how they were left without organs and dead and the gruesomeness of the murders all links in and how the way in which the corpses were left with their skirts all the way up to there waist symbolises jacks work. And the media had talked about it often exaggerated and sent hoax letters to the police to make jack look even more gruesome so that they would have something to write about and of course people had bought copies of the newspapers I believe that the biggest reason in my opinion as to why the Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention was because of the media. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kishen Naik ...read more.

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