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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888? The main reason the 'Jack the Ripper' murders were famous was because of the odd modus operandi. This means the 'mode in which he operated'. The mutilation that the victims were exposed to was unnecessary. This was unusual for the time. The victims were all prostitutes, this infers that the killer had a wild hate for prostitutes. Maybe they were just easy targets or maybe he had a grudge against them. The place 'Jack the Ripper' killed his victims was Whitechapel. Here, 900,000 lived. All the people were poor and lower class. Also, due to the pogroms in Russia, Jews came to live in the East End, attracted to the low rent and the ability to settle in quickly. However, many civilians were suspicious over the sudden increase. There were approximately 1200 prostitutes who needed to work this way to survive and pay their rent. They lived mainly in lodging houses that could house 900 people easily. However, this was very basic and had no luxuries. Living in poor conditions had major side effects. ...read more.


She was born 26th August 1845 and killed Friday 31st August 1888 in Whitechapel. She was known as being a prostitute and an alcoholic. On the day of her murder, she was kicked out of her lodge, down Thrawl Street, by the landlord for the lack of rent. Wearing a new hat, she went to the streets in hope of some 'customers'. She was killed by a cut to the throat and her clothes were soaked with blood. The murder was strange as she had been brutally killed and she was the lowest of the low in money and class. Their seemed to be no motive and excessive effort had been made to kill her. The Home Secretary of the police force, in an effort to create civilian confidence stated that "It is the responsibility of the police force to capture the murderer." He refused to give a reward for the ripper's capture. This can be an example of the inefficiency of the police. Annie Chapman was the next victim. After the newspaper scare over the brutal killing of Nichols, Jack the ripper struck again. ...read more.


All witness accounts were deemed wrong as a doctor had approximated the time of death as being 4:30; this was contradicted by witness accounts. We now know that the time of death could have indeed been when the witnesses said. This is because when a body is cut open from the abdomen, the body loses heat faster and changes the aging of the body. Many accusations were placed on the Jewish community due to Elizabeth Long's Witness account. This said that the murder looked foreign and possibly from the anti-semitism group. This inferred someone Jewish. Gruesome murders brought letters to the press claiming that they were the murderer. These were most probably fake. Due to the sudden outcry over these murders, reports came as far away as the USA saying that killings had occurred there. One letter, different from the rest is widely considered to be real. It was first received by the Central News Agency before the second murder. The distinctive red ink first showed the memorable name - Jack the Ripper. In the letter, it explains many murders commited and also small details that actually occurred, such as "I shall take off the lady's ears next time." Elizabeth Stride was the ripper's victim. She was a prostitute ?? ?? ?? ?? Alan Foley ...read more.

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