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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888? The Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention mainly because no-one knew who Jack The Ripper was, what he looked like and also because Jack The Ripper was the first serial killer in 1888. The people of Whitechapel were so scared that they did not want to leave their homes because of what the newspaper said, this also shows how the newspapers were exploiting the murders by lying and exaggerating in the story so people would buy the newspaper; because of exploiting the murders they made the people of London panic. Another point that the Whitechapel murders attracted so much attention was the whereabouts were the murders happened. The East End in 1888 was a dangerous place to be and most of the lower class lived there. ...read more.


this particular aspect of the Rippers murders gathered quite a following because the possible theories that the killer could have had any medical knowledge would make him a high class member of London's poor society. The continuing question of the Rippers existence and his taunts shown in his letters to people were sort of inviting, even the press were keen to discover what the Rippers true identity, it looked as if the Ripper was above the law and had found a way around it, laughing and ridiculing even as he told authorities where he lived. The correspondence received that related to the Ripper case (almost all claming to be Jack the Ripper) was massive, and only three are now considered credible, the 'Dear Boss' letter. These, if real, all gain the reader a disturbing if valuable insight into the Rippers mind, suggesting a psychotic and disturbed person and displaying how he derived pleasure from his killings. ...read more.


The type of murder also attracted attention due to the fact that the type of murder was also uncommon because it only focused on prostitutes. The type of crime: sex, violence and death all in one was the ideal combination for the media to exaggerate people's opinions and make it attract more attention, more reader for the paper. Many could not read or write so they had to rely on stories that had been passed by word of mouth in which much of the originality was lost. Overall it was through the sensationalism of the press the Ripper had attracted a worldwide audience, the news of the murders had spread worldwide, it was identified as a serial murder because of the way the victims were killed (the MO). There was also a number of letter the police followed, they thought they were significant as they had no other evidence to go off but they may have just been red herrings to throw the police of the trail of who the Ripper truly was. Shane Lightfoot Mrs. Mason ...read more.

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