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Why did USA loose the Vietnam War?

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Why did USA lose the Vietnam War? The United States of America lost the Vietnam War, because of certain factors and mistakes made by the government and the military forces. The US military tactics were mostly inefficient and they were not exactly bringing any good result. On February USA began The Operation Rolling Thunder, which involved bombing raids on military and industrial targets in North Vietnam. During the war USA developed the new chemical weapon called Agent Orange. It was a weed killer, to destroy the Vietnamese jungle where Viet Cong soldiers hid. The other chemical weapon commonly used by USA was Napalm. It was a very dangerous weapon. ...read more.


Also the leader of South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, who was supported by USA didn't respect the civilians and their religion, which also decreased the popularity of USA in Vietnam. The other very important factor was the experience of Viet Cong and their perfect tactic. Viet Cong had the support of most of the civilians, who were helping them to hide in the village, so USA soldiers could hardly find any of them. Viet Cong soldiers used the guerilla tactic. They had a wide range of underground tunnels, which helped them to quickly disappear inside the jungle. USA also had very incompetent soldiers, mostly because they were coming to Vietnam only for one year. ...read more.


The Vietnam War was called "the media war" because the pictures and videos from Vietnam were sent all around the world and helped to change the minds of American public, which showed a strong opposition towards the war. The last reason was the support given to North Vietnam by China and USSR. The two great Communist countries had their interest in the Vietnam War, because they wanted Vietnam to be the part of great Communist empire. Although Soviets and Chinese sent a lot of money and weapons, they didn't send any troops. In my opinion the most significant reason for the failure of USA was the strong opposition of the public. That stopped the government from making a lot of moves, which may be cruel but would definitely give them a great and huge victory over Viet Cong. ...read more.

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