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Why did women get the vote

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Why did women get the vote in 1918 and not before? In women's campaign for suffrage there were two parties. They were the NUWSS (National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies) and the WSPU (Women's Social and Political Union). The NUWSS were formed in 1897 and used peaceful methods to obtain the vote. The WSPU was formed years later in 1903 and used violent and more extreme means to obtain the vote. Although women did eventually get the vote 1918, there is question to whether they could have been granted it before then. The question is: why did women get the vote in 1918 and not before? Some people may think that they didn't get the vote before 1918 for many reasons. A major reason for this is the violence and extremism used by the suffragettes. ...read more.


more amused than angry, though the opponents of women suffrage never failed to point to these antics as proof of the unfitness of women to vote. When they began to destroy property and risk the lives of others than themselves the public began to turn against them." Philip Snowden, a politician It was thought by many at the time that the antics of Emeline Pankhurst and the suffragettes hindered the cause of women's suffrage; that the violence slowed down the Government Bill being carried. "The window smashing has roused great hostility against the women. No greater blunder could be conceived. Everything was looking favourably for the women's amendment to the Government Bill being carried. The last outbreak has however endangered all. It seems as if devised purposely to show that women are incapable of political restraint. ...read more.


The NUWSS promised to stop all political action and the WSPU promised to help with the war effort. In 1918, when the war finished, there was a crisis for the government regarding their election. You could only vote if you had stayed in the same place for 12 months. This needed changing as all the soldiers coming back from the war would not be able to vote. The suffrage campaigners saw this as a time to remind the government of their help with the war effort. The main political parties all put women's suffrage into to their manifestos. This all was a key factor in women obtaining the vote and in my view, the biggest factor. Since the war ended in 1918 and not before, that is why I think hat they didn't get the vote before then. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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