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Why did World War 2 occur? Why did the international peace Treaty collapse in 1939?

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World War 2 occurred and the international peace Treaty collapsed because of a chain of reasons, each link of this chain will be shown in this essay that I am about to embark on you. There were five main reasons that knocked down brick by brick the wall of peace. Hitler had made plans in between these dates 1933 and 1939 he turned these plans into actions while he was still planning. His plans were to take Germany out of the League of Nations which he did in 1933 at the same time he began rearming Germany, he was planning something drastically it was going to be big. He right away tried to take over Austria but Mussolini who was the leader of Italy at that time in 1934 denied him. At this point a year later Germany were fully loaded her armies were ready to touch and take over any country which came in her way, Hitler reintroduced conscription in Germany he sent German troops into the Rhineland that was German soil anyway but Germany was not allowed to put her troops on the Rhine soil, this was because ...read more.


The whole world found out on that day that the Sudetenland belonged to Germany now. The Czechs and the USSR were kept in the dark. This is known as the Munich Agreement. Britain and France gave in because of the fear of war. From the naval agreement in 1935 for the next three years Britain followed a policy of giving Hitler what he wanted, a policy which became known as Appeasement. Neville Chamberlain is the man most associated with this policy although he did not become Prime Minister till 1937. Many other British politicians were also in favour of it, they wanted to proceed with this policy because some of them thought that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair, they wanted to stop the spread of Communism and they did not want another horrific war as World War One. Stesemann started the unravelling of the Peace Treaty called the Treaty of Versailles, he began to work quietly but steadily, on reversing some of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Particularly those concerning reparations and Germany's eastern frontiers. ...read more.


The League of Nations failed because it did not have any real power it did not have powerful members, not that many countries found the League intimidating such as Japan, it took over China and the League could not do anything about it even though China had asked for help. The Corfu incident were two Italians where killed by bandits. Greece asked the League to investigate but Italy invaded Corfu so Greece had to give in and pay up. The Ruhr, Germany could not pay the reparations to France so France invaded instead of going to the League. Memel, a German port near Lithuania, after Vilna Lithuania seized Memel this was accepted by the League. Vilna was seized by Poland as most were Polish. The League protested but the conference of Ambassadors amended Vilna to Poland. So, therefore I conclude that the International Peace Treaty collapsed in 1939 because of the five main reasons I have given above, the Treaty should not have let Germany get back on her feet and the Treaty should have had much more respect than it did, that is why countries took advantage of it and so did individuals. ...read more.

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