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Why do Significant Numbers of American fail to vote?

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Why do Significant Numbers of American fail to vote? Between 1960 and 1996, the turnout of American's voting in a presidential election had fallen by 14%. This brought the percentage to 51% of Americans turning up to vote. This decline in turnout is due to a number of reasons; > The Decline in numbers of party Activists > Loss of Political Efficacy > Many elections have low-stimulus characters > Most elections are uncompetitive > Poor Turnout among young people > People are happy with what they have > It is difficult to understand the voting system Out of these reasons, I feel some stand out the strongest. These include; the understanding of the voting system, poor turnout among young people and that people are happy with what they have. Understanding of the Voting System All Voting systems can be fairly difficult to understand and this includes the very democratic American System. It is no longer just the people with learning difficulties that find the system hard to understand, as it is no longer the person ...read more.


Poor Turnout among Young People In 2004, the turnout of young people aged 18 - 24 was at a low of 47%. The possible reasons for this could be that as politics is not considered an essential subject at school, many youths do not understand or care about it. This then creates a generation of people who do not care about politics and do not want too vote, which then means that when that generation stops being considered youths, they still aren't voting, and neither are the new generation of youths. The reason for low turnout could also be that Political campaigns are generally aimed at an older generation, meaning it becomes something that youths don't bother to focus on. Politicians know that the turnout among youths is low so do not bother wasting their money campaigning to them if they have a limited amount of money. This then causes the campaigns too become something that youths don't have to focus on and as it doesn't have much interest to them because they don't understand it, they tend not too waste their time getting involved in it. ...read more.


Also by creating postal ballots etc, it would be easier for people who would otherwise find it difficult to vote and also by making registering to vote easier. To tackle the youth problem, politics would need to be taught as part fo the curriculum in schools, this problem has already started too be solved, as was seen during the 2004 election when various celebrities had a campaign with MTV urging people to vote, if this continues on a wider scale, as well as making parts of party conferences for Youths only and aiming campaigns directly at them, this would increase turnout in forth coming elections but also elections in the distant future. Finally, by trying to show flaws in the system and how to make improvements (which is already done, but could be issued in a more one to one with the voter method) would show potential voters why they need to vote because of the changes they can make and the added benefits they could receive. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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