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Why do Terrorists use Terror Tactics?

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Why do Terrorists use Terror Tactics? Terrorists aim to cause panic and fear to get what they want, whatever it may be. Such as, the IRA who wanted freedom for Ireland, Al Qaeda who wants British and American troupes and influence out of Arab lands and Black September who wanted the release of Arabic prisoners, they all want to get their own way by terrorising people into giving them it. Terror tactics are what the terrorists use to achieve their motives and terrorists use the tactics in different ways to gain maximum impact and provoke a reaction from the public which will help them in their struggle. One major reason why terrorists use terror tactics is the huge global publicity which can be gained when they attack a well known landmark or specific people. Nearly all terrorists attacks try to achieve publicity such as 9/11 and the London bombings which are both horrific attacks which cost hundreds of lives and therefore it is know world wide and in great detail however, the incident in Tiananmen where the government of China attack a group ...read more.


on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later another A-Bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The effects were horrific the exact numbers of casualties were never discovered but they were estimated at around 70,000 to 100,000 deaths straight away and another 200,000 from radiation poisoning over the next 5 years. The purpose of this attack was to end the WW2 once and for all, it worked but at a huge cost for Japan. Americans had also been considering a full scale invasion on Japan to force them to surrender but the estimated casualties for Americans had been over a million so it was rejected and another method of ending the war had to be found. America also wanted revenge for the Japanese attack on Pearl harbour. If terrorists have an aim or motive and need a government to submit to their demands they can put pressure on the government making the public think "why isn't the government doing something?" and causing outrage and making them turn against their own government and questioning if they really should be in power such as during the Hiroshima bombing. ...read more.


to know so they restricted all information about what happened but in the process of doing this they attract publicity because people want to know what happened so they gained publicity as a consequence of their actions even though they tried to avoid it. In conclusion to the question why do terrorists use terror tactics? I believe that terrorists use terror tactics to intimidate different groups of people or in some cases individuals into giving in to their demands but it is not their first course of action they would try to negotiate a way around so that they do not have to use violence but if it fails then some sort of action needs to be taken. Depending on their motive they will use different tactics in order to achieve their aim in the quickest and most successful way which will also have the largest impact on a nation or a particular group of people and often they use more than one different tactic to scare and cause more chaos which will aid their cause further. ?? ?? ?? ?? Viktor Lantz 10M1 ...read more.

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