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Why does sectarian conflict like that seen at the Holy Cross Primary School in the Ardoyne, North Belfast in October 2001 still happen, when Northern Ireland is meant to be going through a peace process?

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Why does sectarian conflict like that seen at the Holy Cross Primary School in the Ardoyne, North Belfast in October 2001 still happen, when Northern Ireland is meant to be going through a peace process? To explain why events like the Holy Cross conflict still happen in Northern Ireland today and during the current peace processes I shall look at recent conflicts in Ireland and look at the causes of sectarianism. The Good Friday agreement is a peace process that is designed to resolve the conflict currently existing in Ireland. Although it has calmed down the troubled atmosphere that fueled the two groups to hate each other still lingers. The Good Friday Agreement has been the most successful of all the peace processes so far, but issues are still there that have not been addressed. For example house properties for certain people were often unfair. Catholics were now getting a lot more money from the Government. "BBC Reporter: And what about the notions that Catholics get more than Protestants do? ...read more.


This is what is starting the sectarian conflict between the two communities. Both communities try to get one up on each other. Either by putting up a flag of the football team that they support to show that they are better. Or by doing something that makes life harder for the other community. These immature act's leads to more hate and anger building up, until sectarian conflict (like the conflict in Ardoyne) breaks out. BBC Reporter: Do you see yourself as being different from Catholics? Protestant: I don't see myself as being different, but the way we're treated we're different because, like, them ones are getting new houses - we aren't. If we want a good house we've to buy our house, but, whereas them ones are getting that house for nothing. Aye, 'cos they breed like rats, that's why. Aye, they do. That's why they get better housing. BBC Reporter: When you say you're bitter against all Protestants, what does that actually mean? Catholic Woman I wouldn't give them the light of day, I would...I wouldn't go out of my way to wind them ones up or do anything, it's just I would never trust them. ...read more.


But despite this there are decent reasons that could justify a Catholic or protestant hate. One of these reasons could even be made as a result of the Good Friday Agreement. All terrorists that had been put in Jail were released on the bases that they did not re offend again. Now that some of those people have been released, some have got political jobs that affect the way that the communities live they feel threatened by it. These are reasons to cause sectarian conflict, this can happen even during a peace process. And the fact that conflict is happening through a peace process shows that it is not working and should be altered. No peace process will give Catholics and Protestants what they want, and conflict will always continue. This is unless the history between the two communities is changed so that they do not know why they are fighting over land that they could both share and get along with each other. Or they could fight and disagree with each other that would get them nowhere. ...read more.

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