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Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?

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Why had international peace collapsed by 1939? When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, Hitler slowly began the rearmament of Germany. He started to rebuild the army and tried to make stronger weaponries. The Treaty of Versailles restricted German army and also, the treaty demanded Germany to pay lots of reparations. Not only a Hitler, many German thought that the treaty was unjust and it was too harsh. One of promise that Hitler made was that if he became a leader of Germany, he would reverse the treaty. Hitler wanted to make Germany strong again. The treaty restricted German army and took so much territories. Hitler wanted to get those territories back, especially the important industrial areas. ...read more.


As a result from these 2 events, Hitler realized that the League is powerless and irrelevant. In 1936 Hitler began his policy of reclaiming lost German territory. Britain signed agreement with Germany and for the next three years, Britain followed a policy and gave Hitler what he wanted. This policy became known as appeasement. The Appeasement allowed Germany to be in a position of strength. However, Hitler's demands were reasonable and Britain and France thought that the treaty was too harsh, so they followed an appeasement. In 1939, Hitler made an agreement with Stalin. Before Hitler attacked Poland, Hitler was scared of war on 2 fronts. ...read more.


This situation continued for a while, even after the invasion of Poland. Although it was Hitler's actions, which led to war, many other factors were important in making the war happen. I think the one factor is treaty. If treaty wasn't so harshly, German might not think like we want strong Germany again. And German economy might grow, if we didn't take industrial area. And I think the one of other factor that made the war happen is I think the failure of League of Nation. If the league was running properly and had enough power, I think the league could stop the Hitler's action. If other countries cooperated more and tried hard to face the problem, I think they might stop the war in someway. ...read more.

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