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Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?

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Prep Why had international peace collapsed by 1939? In January 1933, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and immediately began to challenge the Treaty of Versailles and adapt an aggressive foreign policy which led to war. It is easy to blame Hitler for starting war in 1939. His underlying aims were already aggressive. The actions which he took in the following years all followed these three aggressive aims: to destroy the Treaty of Versailles, to unite all Germans in one country and to create a living space in Eastern Europe. For example Hitler's rearmament was part of his aims. This was contrary to the treaty of Versailles. ...read more.


The crises showed the League was too weak to keep the peace. Appeasement was the giving in to stop a possible war. Neville Chamberlain allowed Hitler some of what he wanted to stop a war but Hitler began to take advantage. He took and took, as in the case of Czechoslovakia. This showed that Britain and France were unprepared for war. Britain and France were still suffering from the past war and many of their citizens were living poorly. Also both countries had elections coming up and the idea of a seemed a bad one for their party. Also the Nazi Soviet Pact meant that Germany and France would work together. ...read more.


In conclusion, I believe even though it was Hitler's actions which meant that there was a war. I believe some of the other factors mentioned above are a very important factor as well as some others. The treaty of Versailles was most definitely unfair for Germany as they were threatened with invasion if they did not comply. This was an act of aggression itself and Hitler had some right to try and destroy it. Although, I believe his aims were also to blame as he wanted his aims and he would use very aggressive tactics to get what he wanted. Also the Nazi Soviet Pact made Hitler feel reassured that he only had one battle if this had never been signed Hitler would have been scared to fight in the war. Although, I believe Hitler's aims were mainly to blame. ...read more.

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