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Why I joined the British Army Dec 22 1913 A storm was approaching. War was coming. There was no doubt. It had to happen and it will. This won't be like others my mum says. It will be huge. Many will die. Many will be hurt. Many women will be left widows. Life will be hard. I seen wars before, I've seen battles a long time ago. I saw my father die, I saw his bullet wound straight in his heart. I remember when my mum spent hours crying and weeping on the window ledge. Will it be the same fate this time? If I join, will my beloved have to undergo the same? War won't be long, some of my friends say. They have already joined the regiment and are now training to be officers. Just yesterday, my best mate was telling me how interesting it was. To be able to hold pistols and guns and fire at will. To be able to take a vacation, and travel to other countries. Yes, all this might be right but what about the fighting? No one ever spoke about that! Weren't wars supposed to be bloody fights between two powers? ...read more.


Would this be possible for me? All of this was voluntary of course. I could join if I wanted to, and if I wanted, I had all the power to say no. Many of my friends were going, and my heart longed to be with them. But I loved my family more, and decided to solve my problems, rather than solve some other problems in some other country. My life mattered more. Many people had started joining due to other problems also. Some of these included: - Family problems (Like I had with my family. They deprived me of my right, and made life a burden) -Social Problems (Same happened to me, this also included me and my affair with my girlfriend. This was also too much for me) - Job problems (This is also a problem for me, my boss is too angry all the time and I don't have breathing space when he is on me all the time) - Long to visit new areas (Many people were sick of the place where they lived. They wanted to explore, and wanted to find out more about the world. As they had very little money at this time, they wouldn't be able to pay for the trip themselves, so therefore they had to take this wonderful opportunity) ...read more.


Two very strong sides are involved in this, as it is going to be huge in my thoughts. Only Britain and Germany are involved in this. Germany is very bad; they always interfere in our matters and make it a bad thing for everyone. They always find out the way to make us the bad ones, and then frame us in a bad way. In many ways I think that Britain has an upper hand. My friends have told me that we are very powerful. We have so many people that we might even finish off the war in a day or so! In the two sides of the war, I think we are the strongest, and we will win. Many of the times, I have seen many posters and promotions about the war. Most of these include posters and songs, which have promoted Britain. Many of them call us for war. As it is voluntary no one can force us and no one can tell us what to do. But they do have many convincing posters and songs, which do make you, want to go. Some of them included the famous songs: Gallipoli. These songs promoted many soldiers to join, as their countries needed them. It was very hard to resist not going. ...read more.

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