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Why is Isreal Win

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Why did Israel win? The simple reason for their victory was that the Israelis were always better trained, better prepared and better armed. Most of their weaponry came from the USA, which had supplied billions of dollars in aid every year since 1948. The Arab states had received weaponry and Advisers from the USSR, however as it is in any war, it's is not how big your army is or how well supplied it is but how well they can handle pressure, violence, directions in the field and how they use their advantages. Israel spent more per capita on defence than any other country in the world and has larger proportion of its population as trained soldiers than any other country. ...read more.


These fighters were given special anti-guerrilla training by British experts such as Orde Wingate. Moshe Dayan, who was to become a top Israeli General and later the Defence Minister, was trained by the British when he was in the Haganah. Almost always, Israel had better trained and more experienced military commanders. Unlike the Arabs who only had USSR advisers to help them, no real battle trained people. Israel can not afford to lose, they have nowhere to go, they are at the last line of defence. This meant that they fought harder and more desperately to achieve their goal. The Arab states rarely worked together. In 1948 they attacked with no common plan and then dropped out one by one. ...read more.


After the Second World War a number of Jews who had fought against the German army in Eastern Europe or in the resistance armies in France and Italy made their way to Palestine. These were experienced and sometimes ruthless fighters, men and women who had seen the worst of Nazi brutality at first hand and who were now determined to fight for a Jewish homeland. They included many of those who later led Israel, such as Menachem Begin. They formed groups such as Irgun and the Stern Gang. Their determination to build the Jewish state, and to make certain of its survival, was a factor in the continued strength of the Israeli armed forces. They began with an assortment of weapons stolen from the British or bought cheaply after the Second World War. ...read more.

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