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Why the English Parliament went to war with the King

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´╗┐Why did the English Parliament go to war with their king? Money: One reason why there was a civil war was because of Charles money debits which previously came from James. However Charles tried to sort the money problems out by getting huge loans from London Banks. Charles never paid the London Banks back this lead to huge debts. Another problem Charles had as to money been that Charles decided to run without parliament?s assistance. One example of this was that he raised taxes without permission from parliament. ...read more.


But the British parliament didn?t agree with that so they got very angry again with him, so they cut his power and stopped him lead his army against Catholic rebels in Ireland. Charles was very angry with that idea. So now they where very angry with each other, however Charles did bring back the parliament because he found it hard to run the country all on his own, so then the parliament went even with the king. Religion: A terrible problem Charles 1st caused was by him having even more disagreements with Parliament about religion. ...read more.


Eventually the rift between the king and parliament grew so bad it led to a bitter civil war, which split the country in two. Charles believed he had a divine right from God to rule the people and parliament. Having examined all the evidence I conclude there was a civil war because Charles did not care about the views of the people in the country. He was self-centred, arrogant and thought he was above everyone else. Religion: I will show the main reasons were Money, Religion and Power My aim is to explain why the English declared war with Charles 1st in 1642 ...read more.

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