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Why the Siege Of Derry took place in 1689.

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History Coursework- The Derry Siege By Rachael Ferguson 11G Why the Siege Of Derry took place in 1689 There where many reasons why the siege begun but it all begun back in 1685 when Charles II died and he had no children so his successor was his brother James, but James was a catholic but the country he was to rule over was protestant. The protestants prepared to accept him as king if he promised to govern according to the laws of England and to accept the advise of the parliament. They were also reassured by the fact that James' heir was his daughter from his first marriage, Mary, who was a protestant and was married to Prince William of Orange. His second marriage was childless. James then allowed priests to celebrate mass in the palace; he repealed laws against Catholics, which meant they could now become important people. The last straw for the protestant people was when James II's wife Mary Of Modena, a catholic gave birth to her son who would now become the heir to the throne. ...read more.


many fled to England where they stirred up hatred against James, others went to Holland o become soldiers in the army of prince William of orange. The majority of Protestants remained in Ireland although they felt fearful they continued to give their loyalty to James. News had reached Ireland that Mary and William had agreed to take the throne of England and William had landed in Devonshire in November 1688 with an army ready to fight for the throne if necessary. Tycronnell immediately ordered three regiments of the Irish in Dublin to sail to England to help James fight William. He needed to replace the three regiments so he sent orders for them to go from Derry to Dublin. The new regiments were known as Redshanks it was made up of catholic Scots and Irish Catholics, they were supposed to land in Derry on November 23rd 1688 but this regiment was not complete by that date since the earl was anxious not to recruit anyone under 6 foot. ...read more.


James landed in Ireland with his French army, there he would meet with the Jacobite army organised by Tycronnell, and he hoped to lure William to Ireland to meet in battle. James landed in Ireland in kingsale in March 1689. From there he marched to cork where he was met by Tycronnell, he was convinced that James had only to appear at the gates of Derry and the people would surrender. However the situation in Derry had changed the people had sent David Carins to met with William to get supplies and they had agreed to stay faithful to William so William gave them 480 barrels of gun powder, arms for 2.000 men and money. So the city stayed loyal to him. But then James appeared at the gate and the people had told Moutnjoy that any one had to stay away from the city so this worried the city and they begun to send for the guns and shot James. So this is how the siege of the Derry walls begun. ...read more.

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