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why was britain able to win the battle of britain?

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Why was Britain able to win the Battle of Britain? I believe that Britain was able to win the Battle of Britain for two main reasons; British successes and German failures. The British successes were the development of radar, coordination of the RAF into three groups, high rate of fighter production and the superiority of British aircraft. The German failures were; the fuel limitations of the Messerschmitts, slow German fighter production and Hitler's decision to change operation Sea Lion. I believe that the British successes were the main reasons why Britain was able to win the battle of Britain. By 1935 Britain had already set up 50 radar stations around her south and eastern coast which allowed RAF Fighter Command to have ...read more.


Furthermore this grouping allowed for fewer aircraft to be lost as not as many planes were used during the conflict, mostly those of group 11. British fighter production was twice that of Germany at over 400 fighters a month; this was aided by recycling schemes set up by Lord Beaverbrook. Due to the large scale production Britain did not have to worry about extensive loss of fighter, but could focus on the issue of replacing pilots. This was helped by the use of colonial pilots, especially Czech and Polish. The superiority of British fighters especially the Submarine Spitfire meant that during dog fights Britain often gained the upper hand. ...read more.


When German planes were shot down the pilots had no way of returning to Germany so many of her experienced pilots were taken captive and unable to aid Operation Sea Lion. After accidentally bombing London and retaliation by Britain on Berlin, Hitler changed Operation Sea Lion from bombing British airfields to night bombing raids on London. This allowed the almost collapsed group 11 to regather its strength train more pilots and group 10 were able to aid group 11. This forced the Messerschmitts to fight at the end of their fuel ranges. In conclusion it was a combination of The British use of radar and the effectiveness of the Spitfire and Allied pilots, along with the German decision to change Operation Sea Lion that allowed Britain to win the Battle of Britain. 599 ...read more.

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