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Why was Hitler such an effective Orator?

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Why was Hitler such an effective Orator? Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Braunau-Am-Im, Austria. He left school at the age of 16 and left home at 18 to go and live in Vienna. When he was 20, he spent four years painting postcards and selling them on the streets living as a tramp. The next documented evidence of Hitler was a picture of a busy square in Munich where everybody was celebrating the start of the war, he quickly volunteered to join the German army, but his war was cut short due to a mustard gas attack on his trench where he was blinded. He heard the news that peace had been declared and cried. ...read more.


Many people later stated that once they had left the arena that he had been speaking at they couldn't remember what all the fuss had been about, even when they saw the script on paper, they said it was just the way he conveyed his feelings to the audience. Hitler had one of the greatest speech techniques ever developed. He started off by speaking very quietly, so that the audience had to lean forward to hear him, and then, once he had them captivated, he stated screeching frantically at the gathered crowd, and you have to remember that the crowd were there out of choice, so they obviously already had a liking for the German Workers' Party. ...read more.


As the party grew, so did the organisational skills of the GWP. They branched out so there was a Nazi leader in every "district" of Germany, and then inside them there were sub-districts. He created an army of "Sturm Abteilung"(storm troopers) that were basically an army of trained thugs, he also created the Hitler Youth programme, which was like boy scouts, and many other similar programmes for different groups of people. This was the next generation of the German Army. As a result Hitler could rally people to his cause from all walks of life. Even when he got put in jail for treason it was luxury, when he came out, everyone was intimidated by his thug army so the German public were more or less all Nazi Party supporters by the beginning of the second world war. Hitler remains one of the most effective public speakers of all time. ...read more.

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